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Open 7 Days a Week!

We offer Wellness, Urgent Care, Surgery, Dental Care, Acupuncture, and more. 

We deliver the highest level of veterinary care available to promote the health and well-being of family pets, with an emphasis on compassion, owner education, and individualized care.

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Your Pet, Our Priority

Our practice opened over 74 years ago and has been a staple in the local community ever since. We are a full-service animal hospital dedicated to high-quality care offering urgent care, wellness, surgery, dentistry, and end-of-life services. Walk-ins are always welcome.


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Helping Paws

Formed in 2019, the HELPING PAWS FUND is based on the belief that family pets should have access to veterinary care regardless of their owner’s financial situation. It also takes on the cases most wouldn’t. This fund seeks to aid animals in need and eligible pet owners by giving charitable gifts which can offset the financial burden of emergency care when the pet has a positive prognosis. 


Check out what pet parents are saying!

Melissa Evans
Melissa Evans
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This is the best place to take your pet when they aren't well or just for a check up. I took my dog Shadow last week because he wasn't his normal self and wasn't eating and could barely stand up. We had to carry him to the car to get him there. They offered to give him meds for pain and to try and increase his appetite but said it wouldn't help for too long. We'd mentioned putting him down because he was at the age. They agreed 100% with us and said that it was the right thing to do as much as we didn't want to. But we didn't want to see him suffer and we believed if we didn't put him down he would've gone on his own in a matter of time. They did such a great job. They gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes and when we were ready they gave him meds through an IV to knock him out before giving the meds to put him down. We've put down another dog years ago @ another vet and they just gave her a needle and she was gone within seconds. But Pennsauken Animal Hospital was amazing @ what they need. I would refer everyone and anybody to them. My baby boy is in a better place now and no longer in pain.
Jennifer Eckel
Jennifer Eckel
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This office handles both urgent care issues and regular vet appointments. They have tons of availability, even night appointments! The staff is extremely friendly and you feel right at home. I just took my dog there for an excessive tumor growth of her mammary glands and the vet assessed it, took bloodwork, did a chest xray, and gave my dog multiple vaccines for less than $600! Unlike other vets nearby who are charging $1000 just for a check up! I couldn't even take myself to my family doctor and get all that done for less than $600! The vet, Dr. Moore, spent a great amount of time with my dog and also with us answering all questions and concerns and you can tell she truly loves animals and thoroughly enjoys her job! She is very hands on and involved in the whole process and I never felt like she was trying to rush out of the room. My dog wasn't anxious or afraid one time and she seemed to feel very comfortable at their office. I got an estimate for surgery to remove the tumor lump on her abdomen and its nothing to fall over about - again, reasonably priced. The next day after our appointment, less than 24hrs later, Dr. Moore called me and personally went over all xray and bloodwork results, carefully explaining everything. She went on vacation for a week, but is going to call me when she gets back just to check and see how my dog is doing! Yes, the vet is going to call, not her staff! Amazing office, great location, reasonably priced. Your pet will definitely be in good hands if you go there. I highly recommend!
Laura Spangler
Laura Spangler
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Very nice place! My dog was suffering from an upset tummy and I’ve been so worried about her but from speaking to them over the phone, the nurse who picked her up from the car, to the vet Dr. Honeywell, to the nurse who brought her out, they were just amazing with my dog and put me at ease! This staff is absolutely the type of bubbly, charismatic, “dog people” personalities I want caring for my baby! We will be coming back! Thank you so much for taking such good care of my Piper! ❤️

Monday – Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am – 2pm

6717 N Crescent Blvd, Pennsauken Township, NJ 08110

CONTACT staff@pennsaukenvet.com
Phone: 856-662-4450

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