It’s time for school to start!​ 

It’s that time of again, summer is coming to an end and everyone is headed back to school. Our furry family members are now at home trying to occupy their time till our return and *fingers crossed* hopefully not being destructive due to boredom. Don’t worry though, there are many ways to help your pet combat this boredom! By offering your pet a positive way to pass their time while you and your family are out of the home you will hopefully not only come home to a house in one piece but also a happy healthy pet.

Here are a few ideas :

  • Hollow Toys
    • Example : Kongs, Buster Cube, and treat balls
    • They can be filled any of your pets favorite snacks such as peanut butter, squeeze cheese, and even pieces of their kibble
  • Leave on a radio or television
    • Your pet hearing voices or seeing motion on the television may help distract them from your absence
  • Allow your pet access to look out a window or a door
    • Cats are hunters and love to watch all the critters outside – there are even temporary window ledges if your windowsill is too shallow
  • Cognitive stimulation
    • Example : puzzle bowls, puzzle balls, sensory mats, and other interactive toys
    • By giving your pet an opportunity to use their noggin you are helping them to fight boredom and even anxiety
  • Calming supplements and Pheromones
    • Examples: calming collars, diffusers, calming treats
    • These are natural ways to help your pet reduce their anxiety of being alone
    • By using these supplements you can help reduce the risk of your pet being destructive and in turn possibly injuring themself
  • A dog walker
    • Hiring a dog walker is a great way to keep your dog active, fight boredom, and help with any anxiety
  • Get them a friend
    • If you know your pet plays well with others then they may benefit from having a buddy to spend their time with while you are not home
    • Doggy Daycare is also a way to allow them to interact with others

Many of these products are available through Pennsauken Animal Hospital’s Amazon shop so head over and buy your pets some back to school supplies.

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