The importance of Micro-chipping

May is Micro-chip your pet month! Microchipping our pets has been a large part of pet identification and has dramatically increased the chances that we can reunite lost pets with their owns. While it has become largely popular, there is still some misunderstanding and confusion when it comes to microchips. Microchips are small, rice sized, devices that are loaded […]

Itchy pets?

Itchy Pets?   We see a lot of itchy pets, and we know how frustrating skin issues can be. There are many possible causes of your pet’s itchy skin; and most chronic skin issues are caused by a combination of things. Common causes of itchy skin:Allergies (i.e. fleas, food, environmental)Mites (i.e. demodex, scabies)Fungus (i.e .‘‘ringworm”)Secondary bacterial […]

March is Poison Prevention Month

Pet Poison Prevention March is Pet Poison Prevention Month.  Unless instructed by a vet, avoid giving your pets anything meant for people (especially medications). Accidents happen, so if your pet gets into something they shouldn’t, call a pet poison hotline like ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.  They have toxicologists on staff and reference material that will help them […]