Dr. Yee-hwa Wan grew up in Boston, MA and earned her undergraduate in Visual Arts and East Asian Studies from Brown University, in 1999 before moving on to obtain her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  One of determining factors of becoming a veterinarian was having father that is a medical doctor. As an immigrant from China, he moved from a country with a completely different language and culture to the United States to provide a better life for his mother and 3 siblings. Although medicine was not his first choice, he believed it would give him the opportunities to accomplish his goals, mainly to care for his family. Dr. Wan says she had always been more interested in animal care than human health care, but seeing how hard he worked motivated her to become a veterinarian. 

Dr. Wan has professional interest in Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Shelter Medicine, Emergency Medicine and is excited to gain more general practice experience.  She is very interested in the long-term bonds that are formed between veterinarians and their clients as well as patients. 

Dr. Wan enjoys training Muay Tai and taking long walks in her free time. She currently has 10 cats (all foster fails and strays she has welcomed into her home), and a three-legged, deaf Pitbull.


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