Fall is here! Pumpkin spice everything, crunchy leaves, warm sweaters and Halloween. While you prepare for the thrills and chills of the holiday season, make sure to be ready for the hidden dangers that could affect your pets:

   * Dogs that suffer from anxieties could have a hard time adjusting to strangers knocking on the door,     

      and be especially frightened by the costumes.  Keeping them away from the doors, and in rooms

      where they can’t be exposed to the noises of the evening, would be beneficial to everyone. This

      helps avoid injury to them or others and the possibility of them running away.

   * Flickering lights can cause curiosity in cats. Beware of candles, open flames, and jack-o-lanterns being

      knocked over by your curious kitties!

    * Decorations that contain tiny pieces and stings that your pet could ingest causing an obstruction.     

       Keep them out of reach, or in rooms that your pets don’t spend time in. Outdoor decorations, such as

       Indian corn, can also cause an obstruction, so keep a close eye on what your critters are picking up


    * Let’s not forget the best part of fall, all those delicious treats! Sharing is caring, and trading candy is

       fun, normally, however many candies can be toxic to your pet. Keep it up high and out of reach so you

       can enjoy it all to yourself.

Holidays are enjoyable and fun, let’s keep it that way by making it a good time for you pets as well by heeding some of this simple safety tips.

For more safety information and a list of harmful candies, visit the ASPCA’s website

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