State-of-the-art anesthesiology & monitoring.



Pre-Surgical Exam
Blood Screening


Spay/Neuter Mass & Foreign Body Removals
Urinary Obstruction
Eye Surgery


Re-Check Appointments
Suture Removal

Pennsauken Animal Hospital provides the latest in veterinary medical/surgical procedures and treatment for your pet’s health.
  • Spay
  • Neuter
  • Lump/mass removal
  • Foreign body removal
  • Urinary Obstruction
  • Limb amputation
  • Eye surgery
  • Abdominal Mass Removal
All patients receive individualized veterinary care as well as undergo pre-surgical exams and blood screening. Spay/Neuter procedures are recommended for patients 6 months and older and who are up to date on their vaccinations.
Surgical patients must be evaluated by a doctor prior to surgery and elective procedures such as spay, neuter, and mass removal will be scheduled on one of our regular surgery days.
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Dr. Corey Woodcock
Talks to the Vet Med Students while performing a foreign body surgery.

We have a “Behind the Scenes” series to show what happens during different procedures. Watch this video of a spay to see the whole process! 

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